Business Overview

Health Right Discoveries (HRD) is a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) company with a primary focus of acquiring healthcare related businesses. When working with existing business owners, we will tailor a solution that works best for them, be it an exit, phase out or other means to accomplish their goals.

As most acquisitions require some sort of capital infusion, HRD has established relationships with lending institutions to assist in funding closings and ongoing capital needs.

Additionally, HRD has resources on its team that can help quantify efficiencies and growth for the industry segment represented by the target acquisition.


HRD’s Acquisition Process

  • HRD sorts through multiple business listings to identify potential businesses that meet its acquisition criteria
    • Stable business segment
    • Financial performance
    • Core team in place
    • Potential growth
  • Initial meetings are conducted where business owners share their goals and objectives
  • HRD submits an LOI
  • Negotiations occur
  • A purchase agreement is drafted and refined
  • Due diligence process
  • Closing

HRD recognizes the disruption that can be created throughout the acquisition process. HRD’s team will work behind the scenes with the owner as much as possible to minimize the impact on the business.

Health Right Discoveries

HRD is a publicly traded company that must report all activities as required by the SEC. This creates a transparency for the acquired business owner and the assurance that HRD must operate in a compliant fashion. HRD does not add a lot of overhead to the acquired business and strives to improve the financial position company through its efforts. The ultimate goal is to add value to the shareholders which typically includes the prior business owner.

Health Right Discoveries Team

  • Management
  • Accounting Firm
  • Legal Firm (transactional, SEC)
  • Legal Firm (Industry review)
  • Industry Analysts
  • Marketing Firm



CCI offers and provides administrative and billing services to physician practices desiring to make certain over-the-counter (OTC) products, including non-narcotic topical medications, patches, and creams and certain oral prescription medications available to patients in the physician practice’s office.
These products are offered through Script Connection.

CCI also provides billing and collection services in connection with Script Connections’s sales and distribution of OTC Products to Practices participating in the OTC Program.


Script Connection offers OTC pharmaceutical products, including non-narcotic topical medications, patches, and creams (OTC Products), to Practices that desire to make such products available to patients in the Practice’s office through participation in the OTC Program.

Script Connection also offers a Full Formulary Program. Practices participating in the Full-Formulary Program may order and obtain certain oral and Rx topical medications directly from a licensed wholesale pharmaceutical distributor that is responsible for the sale and distribution of these medications in connection with the Full-Formulary Program.

Billing and claim processing is managed through Complete Claims Management, Inc (CCI).

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